Sunday, October 28, 2012

Meteoroligist Scott Stevens on Geoengineering Hurricane Sandy

Meteoroligist Scott Stevens talks with Alex Jones, on Geoengineering Hurricane Sandy

"they are slowly pulling this thing a little farther south..
so you scare the holy bajesus out of new yorkers, they shut down their transit system,in hind sight they will see this was unecessary,
but the water that is going to come out of this thing from jersey, delaware,maryland, southern pennsylvania,d.c northern virginia,and eventually ny state will be monumental.
And thats gonna be the thing. the downed trees that are gonna be full of foilage, powerlines down,there might be locations with 2 weeks without power."

The same time they are digging this trough out west, then they are pumping out a ridge to block the movement of sandy once she becomes extra tropical, once she is trapped overland,then a ridge is
amplified over the western atlantic, so she has no where to go.and so she is boxed in, so shell rain and shell rain and shell rain.
Rain and water is going to be the problem.
Once we'll deal with the wind,she spins down,the windspeed velocity is going to be the monumental water that comes
out of this storm.

We have places in northwestern canada the northwestern territories that where 0 to 15 below this morning and yesterday morn its that cold dry air that is going to bomb this storm out in the next 24 to 48 hours.
And so she will get energized even as we look as her  spinning as a tropical entity it will be reborn as this
extra tropical western storm across maryland, pensylvania and that is goin to impact peoples ability to get around
not so much by election day, but in immediate several days.It's all about the rebuilding, all about spending the money afterwards.and thats how you cant get congress to fund you on stimulus, its all about having to do it because we have a disaster to clean up afterwards, because the people demand it."

Meteoroligist Scott Stevens

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