Sunday, October 28, 2012

4 New Victories As Educated Citizens End Water Fluoridation

4 new victories as communities in Missouri, Saskatchewan,  Iowa, and NY remove toxic fluoride from it water supply.

We have been winning tremendously in this battle with now over 70 communities removing fluoride from their water since 2010 !!

As citizens become educated about the toxicity of Fluoride and it's mounting evidence of  negative effects on health they are demanding that Sodium Fluoride be removed from their Drinking water.

Two communities in Florida as well as Portland Oregan are also working on removing this toxic substance from their drinking water.

NY City Council Member Peter Vallone Jr. just proposed legilature that would include a warning to parents on the water bill cautioning them against using fluoridated tap water in their baby formula. “I hope to prevent little babies from being poisoned,”  “No one should be forced to ingest this toxic poison every day of their life.” said Peter Vallone.

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