Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meningitis Fear vaccines propaganda

All over the news we have been hearing about a Meningitis outbreak that as of now has sickened 138 people and killed 12. This Fungal Meningitis came from a contaminated Steroidal medication.

To me it sounds very suspicious, since they have been trying really hard to get people to take the Meningitis vaccine.  Even though Fungal Meningitis is not contagious, this story is getting people familiar with the name "Meningitis" and its association with sickness and death. They plan on forcing this vaccines onto your children. They already have forced it onto college kids.

Recently we have seen contaminated vaccines in the news:

In 2011 the Polio Vaccine that was given to people in India caused 47,500 confirrmed cases of Polio Paralysis.

Whooping Cough was spread mainly from vaccinated people.

New Study Confirms Flu Vaccines increase your risk of Pandemic Flu Illness !!


Imagine it was a herbal supplement that was contaminated? Imagine it was an herbal supplement that caused whooping cough,mumps, flu, or polio?

How fast would they have banned it, and pressed criminal charges on the companies making it?

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