Thursday, April 14, 2016

Warning To Main Stream Media & MD's Who Don't Do Their Research, We Will Expose You

I am sick and tired of the propaganda and lies being perpetuated by pharmaceutical sponsored media outlets and doctors.

I was watching fox 5 news's coverage of the documentary "vaxxed" and segments of Robert Deniro's interview where he expresses his regret for pulling the documentary from Tribeca Film Festival because he wants to know the truth about the relationship between vaccines and autism.

After Robert Deniro expressed his feelings, thoughts, and regrets Fox had Dr Manny respond.

Dr Manny obviously did not see the film because he (as well as every main stream media outlet) does not touch upon what the documentary is about.

It is about a senior CDC scientist (Dr. William Thompson) who was part of the largest MMR vaccine study where it was found that this vaccine caused a high rate of autism (especially in African American boys)

The documentary focuses on Dr Thompson's account of what actually happened. He admitted that he and all the scientists involved in the study were instructed to illegally omit participant data from the study, and destroy the data showing the autism/vaccine link.

Since Dr Thompson knew this was illegal, he kept hard copies of the data and had another CDC scientist Dr Brian Hooker look over them. This information was then given to congressman Bill Posey who presented it on the house floor.

Instead of addressing the above information, Dr Manny's chooses to attack Wakefield and Deniro.

He starts by saying that Dr Wakefield "falsely claimed" that vaccines cause autism. The fact is he never said that. Again Dr Manny and all the other parrots who regurgitate this myth don't actually confirm these statements. He actually never said that vaccines cause autism. He just said that we should look into this possibility. He also never committed any fraud, as was proven by a scientist that investigated his study and concluded that Dr Wakefield did not commit any fraud. His report was published in the British Medical Journal.

"As a research microbiologist involved with the collection and examination of colonic biopsy samples, I do not believe that Dr. Wakefield intentionally misinterpreted the grading sheets as evidence of "non-specific colitis." Dhillon indicated "non-specific" in a box associated, in some cases, with other forms of colitis. In addition, if Anthony's grading sheets are similar to ones he completed for the Lancet article, they suggest that he diagnosed "colitis" in a number of the children."

In a press release afterwards the author states:
"The grading sheets and other evidence in Wakefield's files clearly show that it is unreasonable to conclude, based on a comparison of the histological records, that Andrew Wakefield 'faked' a link between the MMR vaccine and autism.
Now that these records have seen the light of day, it is time for others to stop using them for this purpose as well. False allegations of research misconduct can destroy the careers of even the most accomplished and reputable scientists overnight. It may take years for them to prove their innocence; and even then the damages are often irreparable. In cases where mistakes are made, every effort should be taken to fully restore the reputations and careers of scientists who are falsely accused of research misconduct."
You can find out more about this story here

I will list some quotes from Dr Manny's Blog and comment on them latter.

"I have dedicated myself to the world of science and have had access to the greatest research
institutions in the world"

"When it comes to health, false promises and misinformed theories lead to inefficient therapies and dead end research.

"we must support genuine autism research. We must find out where autism originates, which could possibly begin in the womb."

"Creating an environment of suspicion only delays what we must accomplish today."

Dr Manny, If you have dedicated yourself to the world of science then why don't you start by actually investigating this documentary and the information that it contains before commenting on it. This is very unscientific of you.

I agree with you that "false promises, and misinformed theories lead to inefficient therapies and dead end research." That is exactly why you should look at the data the CDC whistleblower has presented thoroughly.

You then should look at these 30 studies that showed that vaccines are linked to autism.

After that I would advise you to look at thee following court cases that ruled that the MMR vaccine caused autism in these individuals.

Court case 1 (Italian Court ruled that the MMR vaccine caused Autism)

Court case 2  (US Court awarded over 1.5 million dollars because the MMR vaccine caused autism in their child)

Lastly, If you go to the FDA's website you can find The Dtap Vaccine's package insert.
Scroll to page 11 under "Adverse Events Reported After Post-Approval" you will find that autism is listed.

"Adverse events reported during post-approval use of Tripedia vaccine include idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, SIDS, anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, autism, convulsion/grand mal convulsion, encephalopathy, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence and apnea. Events were included in this list because of the seriousness or frequency of reporting"

To All Journalists, Doctors, Politicians, medical professionals, and citizens.
I urge you all to watch this very informative and eye opening documentary. Be scientists. Investigate. Be skeptics.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Bernie Do Your Research

Bernie Sanders believes that vaccines do not cause autism because he just trusts the pharmaceutical industry? He trusts the cdc?

Bernie let me just show you how much evidence there is to say that vaccines do in fact cause autism.

Read my previous post which I blasted CNN & Dr Gupta with

There is undeniable evidence that VACCINES DO CAUSE AUTISM.
If you think otherwise after reading the evidence that I have provided, then you have been completely hypnotized  to only listen to your masters (CDC, Government, and main stream media)

“I think the evidence is overwhelming that vaccines do not cause autism,”
Bernie Sanders

Saturday, March 5, 2016

They Are Scared Of Breasts

I can not believe what I have just read.

Big Pharma is scared of breasts. That is right. They are worried about the fact that breast milk is NATURAL and full of  Immune boosting Nutrients, While their vaccines are unnatural and filled with extremely hazardous chemicals which can destroy your health and possibly kill you.

Here are some frightening quotes from the article.

1) "When federal and local health departments use the term "natural" to promote breast-feeding, it could inadvertently fuel concerns over other aspects of health and society that are seen as "unnatural," such as vaccines, genetically modified foods and assisted reproductive technologies"

2) "the language of 'the natural' in breast-feeding promotion is slippery and potentially harmful to other public health goals, like vaccination,"

3) "Could it lead people to believe that breast-feeding is best because it is free of chemicals and artificial ingredients?"

4) "some Americans reject vaccines because they are manufactured and believe that boosting immunity naturally is better or safer" 

5) "immunizations protect children against deadly diseases, and their safety had been extensively demonstrated."

I do not know where to begin with a response. I am so filled with emotions that I can not gather my thoughts.

Breasts are Best, that is right. Vaccines can not even come close. It is not that vaccines are dangerous because they are man made, they are dangerous because they are filled with toxic chemicals.

Some Americans "believe" that boosting immunity naturally is better or safer? I mean who doesn't believe that? Is this a joke?

Immunizations protect children against diseases? hahahahaha
Just this week there was 2 outbreaks (mumps, whooping cough) where all those infected were fully vaccinated for the diseases that they contracted.

How about a school where 98% of the children were vaccinated for the measles? FAIL !!

Heres another measles failure     How about mumps failures?   

"There safety has been extensively demonstrated"? really?
is that why the US government has paid out over 3 billion dollars to those that have been
injured or killed by vaccines?

Ladies and gentlemen, this is mind control at work.

I will leave you with some thought provoking knock knock jokes

Monday, February 29, 2016

Hospital Warns Patients About Vaccinated People

People who have been vaccinated with live viruses can spread the very diseases that they have been vaccinated for. St Jude Children's Hospital even warns cancer patients about this on their website.

Check out the screen shot below !!

It makes sense that vaccinated people could spread viruses because they contain live viruses !!
Maybe this is how the measles was spread in Disney land? Maybe this is why fully vaccinated children have contracted measles?

 Read the full article here:

Another Outbreak Amongst Fully Vaccinated !!!

I just wrote a post a couple of days ago about an outbreak of whooping cough amongst fully vaccinated people.

Within the same time frame I heard about another outbreak amongst fully vaccinated people,
this time it's the Mumps Virus.

"All the patients are members of the men's college hockey team and all had received prior vaccinations"

Vaccines have the ability to spread diseases and they are extremely toxic. They pose a risk to your health and can possibly cause death.

Even St Jude's Children's Hospital Warns their Patients About Vaccinated People !!

No vaccine should be mandatory. Especially when those creating them are protected by the government and can not be sued.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Breaking: Whooping Cough Spreading Amongst Vaccinated, Guess What Doc Recommends?

"The first case was reported in mid-January and school records show all five students had been previously vaccinated prior to their diagnosis."

" Dr. Kenneth Fox, a pediatrician at North Shore University Health System, said the best defense is to get your family vaccinated and make sure your vaccinations are up to date. "For people who are unprotected, if you’re exposed to this germ, there’s a 9 out of 10 chance you’re going to get the illness," Fox said"

So even though all 5 children were previously vaccinated for whooping cough the Doctor recommends getting your family vaccinated? Earth to Doc Earth to Doc....Have doctors been so brainwashed to believe vaccines work and that they can not possibly spread disease in and of them selves? Logic would tell me either the vaccine does not work or the vaccine itself is spreading the disease.

Doctors please break your conditioning !!!!
You can do it !!!
Break your years of pharmaceutical brainwashing and come join us :)

We know you are caring people, that is why you became doctors. Unbreak your conditioning and help us get rid of these toxic, brain damaging, and immune destroying chemicals that are passing for healthcare !!