Thursday, February 23, 2012

Is Baby Powder safe for your Baby?

Baby powder... Sounds like wholesome motherly goodness doesn’t it? Most Baby powder is made with Talc. Talc is a mineral that is made up of Magnesium silicate. It is an excellent moisture absorber and that is why it has become a common household item for drying the skin after bathing and for the prevention of diaper rash.

Is it safe for your baby? NO!!! Scientists from Harvard Medical School discovered that using talc regularly increased your chances of getting womb cancer by 24% (Regularly was defined as at least once per week) Another Harvard Study discovered that daily application of talc to the genitals increased ovarian cancer in woman by 41%. The FDA considers Talc (Magnesium silicate) as safe to use as an anti-caking agent in table salt. Now what does that say about the FDA?

The good news is it is easy to make your own talc free baby powder. You can use different clays, powdered herbs, and starches to create wonderfully fragrant and moisture absorbing baby powder. Here is a recipe that you can try.  If you are not up for making your own there are many talc free alternatives out there

* Caution !! Even if you are using a talc free powder you need to be careful that your baby does not inhale tiny dust particles of what ever you are using. Tiny particles can get into a baby's lungs and cause respiratory problems. It's best to make sure your baby's head is as far from the powder as possible.  I would also recommend that you not sprinkle directly onto your child's body, but that you rather sprinkle on your hands (away from child) then apply to child.


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