Thursday, November 19, 2015

Health Officals; Flu Vaccine 18% Effective Admit Not Exact Science

"Health Officials" say that this years flu vaccine is only 18% effective.
You can throw this years vaccine on the dud list like every flu vaccine in the past.

These same "Health Officials" admit that the flu vaccine is "not an exact science" !!

The flu shot will never be effective because they have to guess which strains of the flu will be going around. This will never happen because viruses keep mutating !!!

So why is the flu shot being produced if it is not ever effective and can pose serious risks
To people's health?

As long as there is uneducated people willing to get it
Then there will be an industry willing to produce it.

Flu vaccines come with serious risks and can even lower your immunity !!

There is no evidence that vaccinating Healthcare workers prevents influenza in elderly residents in Long Term Care Facilities

Flu vaccine's lack evidence for protection in adults aged 65 years or older

Inactivated Influenza Vaccines Have Not Been Proven To Be Safe Or Effective In Children Under 2 Years Old

2008-2009 Seasonal Influenza Vaccine In England had a -6% Efficacy Rate