Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rat reality show: Russian scientists to broadcast GMO experiment

After a French study suggested that rats fed on Monsanto GMO corn suffered tumors, Russian researches plan their own, this time public, experiment. The unique reality show with rats is expected to prove or deny GMO’s health-threatening influence.

­The Russian scientists, who oppose genetically modified organisms (GMO) in food, expect that their year-long experiment will show whether the controversial cultivation process has effects as dangerous as French revelations claimed on September 19.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) - Myths and Truths

Learn the Truth about GMO's
Spread the Info
So that we can defeat these evil companies
and force the government to require the labeling of GMO foods.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Study Links Fluoride to Bone Cancer in Men

Boys who drink fluoridated water have an increased risk of a deadly bone cancer, a new study suggests.

Boys who grew up in communities that added at least moderate levels of fluoride to their water got bone cancer -- osteosarcoma -- more often than boys who drank water with little or no fluoride.

The risk peaked for boys who drank more highly fluoridated water between the ages of 6 and 8 years -- a time at which children undergo a major growth spurt. By the time they were 20, these boys got bone cancer 5.46 times more often than boys with the lowest consumption. No effect was seen for girls.

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Chicken Mcnuggets Contain Silly Putty Ingredient

Chicken nuggets sold in U.S. branches of McDonald's contain a chemical used in Silly Putty.
'McNuggets' sold to American fast food lovers contain dimethylpolysiloxane, an anti-foaming agent.

This dangerous chemical is only allowed in America. Every other country has banned its use.

Genetically Modified Food Dangers Video

EPA sued as they gassed study group with diesel fuel fumes

The US Environmental Protection Agency and its Administrator Lisa Jackson are on the defendant’s end of a federal lawsuit claiming the Agency conducted illegal human experimentation on unsuspecting study volunteers.

The EPA, and Jackson in her official capacity, are targeted in the lawsuit for knowingly “conducting experiments on humans that involved exposing those persons to toxic substances the Agency believes will cause death and which the Agency therefore regulates under the auspices of the Clean Air Act, 42 U.S. C. Chapter 85.”

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another Victory As Russia Suspends American GM Corn !!

Russia has suspended the import and use of an American GM corn following a study suggesting a link to breast cancer and organ damage.
Separately, the European Food Safety Authority(EFSA), has ordered its own review in to the research, which was conducted at a French university.
The decision by Russia could be followed by other nations in what would be a severe blow to the take-up of the controversial technology.

When will the Unites States catch up with the rest of the world? The U.S is slow in letting go of harmful, dangerous and outdated science. Mercury Amalgams, Mercury in vaccines, Sodium Fluoride, and GMO Foods all harmful and dangerous to people and the environment. Many Countries have already rejected GMO's and Fluoride....When will we ?

Read Full Article !!
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Cows Now Being Fed Gummy Bears, Fruit loops, Marshmallows

Food prices are going through the roof due to this summers drought.  Guess what some farmers are feeding their cows?
An alternative feed mix consisting of cookies, gummy worms, marshmallows, fruit loops, orange peels, even dried cranberries. One farmer even feeds his cows Ice Cream Sprinkles !!

Imagine what will happen to the health of these cows. Imagine what diseases they will obtain from being malnourished. High Fructose Corn Syrup is not meant to be consumed by cows. Imagine how sick people will get from eating these cows.

So Cows are now eating a standard American Diet full of Genetically Modified Foods, High fructose Corn Syrup, MSG, Aspartame, Growth Hormone, and antibiotics.

The news just gets nuttier & nuttier !!

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Shocking French Study Shows GM Foods May Shorten Lifespan

Mike welcomes editor and contributing writer Anthony Gucciardi to discuss the results of the recent French GMO study. Mike will also cover other major news items and take your calls.

California Proposition 37: Know What GMO's Are in Your Food

Mike Adams welcomes the co-founder of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and GMO label advocate Stacy Malkan to talk about why it's in everyone's best interest to pass Proposition 37 in California.

Monday, September 24, 2012

We have 3 more Fluoride victories !!!

We just had new fluoride victories as 3 communities in Indiana have decided to stop poisoning their citizen with sodium fluoride. Lakeville, North Liberty, and Walkerton are now fluoride free.  Since 2010 a total of 64 communities in North America have ended water fluoridation. Thanks to the Fluoride Action Network and all the brave informed scientists, politicans, professors, doctors, dentists, activists, and citizens who helped make this happen. The fight is not over, we still have alot more to go !!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hamsters Fed GM Soy Sterilized !!

"After feeding hamsters for two years over three generations, those on the GM diet, and especially the group on the maximum GM soy diet, showed devastating results. By the third generation, most GM soy-fed hamsters lost the ability to have babies. They also suffered slower growth, and a high mortality rate among the pups."

More Devasting Studies:

GM Corn Damages Liver and Kidneys

Meat Raised on GM Feed is Different

Roundup Could Cause Birth Defects

Cancer, Tumors, Organ Damage

Egyptian Scientist GMO Studies Horrifying Results !!

Gmo Basics What You Need To Know

What are GMO's

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. These crops have been altered to have traits that dont exist in nature. Many of these crops have bacteria,viruses, and or pesticides forced into their DNA. Some are designed to live under heavy pesticide spraying, and some produce their own Poison.

What GMO crops are currently circulating in our food supply?

Corn, Soy, Canola, Cotton Seed, Yellow Squash, Sugar Beets. Most processed foods have GMO's in them. There are more GMO's that are going to be introduced to the food supply soon.

Why should you be concerned?

GMO's have been approved by the FDA without being properly tested. Independantly funded studies
have shown Horrifying Results. Rats fed GMO Foods experienced tumor growth, liver damage, kidney damage, and sterility. In a recent French Study 70% of female Rats suffered premature death. Severe organ damage, Massive increase in Large Tumors,

French Study On GMO's covered by Mike Adams on Infowars

French Study on GMO's On Nightly News

Avoid all Corn, Soy, Canola, Cotton Seed, Yellow Squash, Sugar Beets unless it is verified by the NON GMO Project. Thats the only sure way to know if the food is NON GMO.

Eating organic versions of these crops should not contain GMO's, but sometimes they accidently do,due to cross pollination of plants.

Some companies voluntarily claim that their product is NON GMO. This however is not a 100% Full Proof way to Know if the Food is NON GMO. Sometimes Companies do not know that their products are GMO, again due to cross pollination of crops.

 In processed food Sugar should be listed as  "Cane Sugar", or "Sugar from cane". If it doesnt not list these terms it is most likely GM Sugar derived from GM Sugar Beets.

Educate yourself about GMO's. Teach Your Family, Friends, and coworkers.
Spread this info in your churches.

Their is a battle going on right now. A war on humanity. If we do not ban GM Foods we will destroy the environment and ourselves. I believe that these Foods will depopulate the planet.

Email this to your friends.
Facebook this to your friends.
We Must get the word Out.
It is us VS the Biotech companies that are currently spending 20 million dollars to make sure that GMO's are not labeled !!
So That you dont know what foods Contain them.
Lets show them our POWER !!

Check out the important links below !!

Download the NON GMO Shopping Guide To Learn How to Identify GMO FOODS

Visit the Institute of Responsible Technology

Friday, September 21, 2012

Kucinich Exposes Monsanto

"In 1992 the Food and Drug Administration decided that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are the functional equivalent of conventional foods. They arrived at this decision without testing GMOs for allergenicity, toxicity, anti-biotic resistance and functional characteristics. As a result hundreds of millions of acres of GMO crops were planted in America without the knowledge or consent of the American people: no safety testing and no long term health studies.

"The FDA has received over a million comments from citizens demanding labeling of GMOs. Ninety percent of Americans agree. So, why no labeling? I'll give you one reason: The influence and the corruption of the political process by Monsanto. Monsanto has been a prime mover in GMO technology, a multi-million dollar GMO lobby here and a major political contributor.

"There is a chance that Monsanto's grip will be broken in California where a GMO labeling initiative is on the ballot. And here in Congress, my legislation HR 3553 will provide for a national labeling law. Americans have a right to know if their food is genetically engineered. It's time for labeling and for people to know how their food is being produced."

Tumor Ridden Mice Cause France and Kucinich Stand Against Monsanto

Tumor Ridden Mice Cause France and Kucinich Stand Against Monsanto

Following the release of a peer-reviewed piece of research linking the consumption of Monsanto's Roundup-containing GMO crops to tumors and organ damage, the French government is now calling for a health agency investigation. Seeking to analyze the research and potentially ask European authorities to protect human health and abandon the use of GMO crops, France's Agriculture Minister and others are now sounding the alarm.

The study was the first to ever examine the true effects of lifelong GMO consumption in rats, and was dubbed "the most thorough research ever published into the health effects of GM food crops and the herbicide Roundup on rats." Finding an onset of mass tumors and damage to the kidneys and liver, the study has serious implications as to what large-scale GMO consumption is doing to humans. Since a serious lack of serious information has surfaced on the long-term effects of GMO consumption, human consumption of GMOs itself is really a mad scientist experiment on a global scale.

It appears French officials understand the severity of the findings, with Agriculture Minister Stephane Le Foll and others now asking the National Agency for Health Safety to investigate further. Both Le Foll and Social Affairs Minister Marisol Touraine described the decision in a joint statement:

"Depending on ANSES' opinion, the government will urge the European authorities to take all necessary measures to protect human and animal health," they said.

The duo went on to highlight how the decision could go as far as generating an emergency suspension of Monsanto's modified corn known as NK603 (maize) throughout Europe:

"(The measures) could go as far as invoking emergency suspension of imports of NK603 corn to Europe pending a re-examination of this product on the basis of enhanced assessment methods."

France just days ago decided to maintain a ban on Monsanto's GMO MON810 maize despite massive political pressure. The country has been at the forefront in the fight against Monsanto as other nations either fold or directly empower Monsanto's genetic crusade. Wikileaks cables revealed back in 2007, for example, that Monsanto controls most if not all US diplomats and other key players that are set to increase Monsanto's grasp on the world's agricultural industry.

Professor Wants U.S. Population Cut 50%

During a speech earlier this year given by University of California-Riverside professor Richard Cardullo, the cottonseed derivative Gossypol is being proposed as an adequate sterilant to bring down the birthrate in the United States. Stating that the substance's permanent sterilization effects on males is already being considered for widespread use in China and many third world countries, Cardullo calls it "an option" for use within the United States. In addition to Gossypol, the professor advised the attending students to lower their standard of living if the earth is to continue carrying humans on its surface.

Interesting to note that the professor has recently been selected by the National Science Foundation, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to join the Partnership for Undergraduate Life Sciences Education (PULSE) program, funded by the federal government.

As part of the university's online science lecture series, recorded on the campus earlier this year, the professor's lecture "Is Earth Overpopulated" is a classic neo-Malthusian regurgitation claiming the planet cannot carry much more people.

"If you want to minimize environmental impact, perhaps you should consider lowering your standard of living, for instance."

Cardullo also told people could reduce human impact on the earth by becoming vegetarians:

"One of the things we know is the production of meat is incredibly expensive," he said. "You are going to start hearing more and more about humans' carbon footprint, and one of the biggest contributions to that carbon footprint is the production of meat. ... We could do a lot simply by just becoming more vegetarian."

Although the professor tells his listening audience to "lower their standard of living" to minimize human impact on the earth, he stresses that this in itself isn't sufficient to lower fertility in the United States. Also, the professor continues, famine, disease, war and so on do not have the ability to effectively cull the human population.

"(...) we have got to do something about population as well. The United States, we are very affluent. ... we currently have a population of 313 million people. ... Altogether we gain one person every 15 seconds. ... If we want to take the population down to 150 million, all it would require in the next 100 years is to lower that birth rate -- because we are not going to do it through any other method, right? That would be horrible."

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Breaking News GMO Corn Cancer Tumors Death !!

Eating genetically modified corn (GM corn) and consuming trace levels of Monsanto's Roundup chemical fertilizer caused rats to develop horrifying tumors, widespread organ damage, and premature death. That's the conclusion of a shocking new study that looked at the long-term effects of consuming Monsanto's genetically modified corn.

The study has been deemed "the most thorough research ever published into the health effects of GM food crops and the herbicide Roundup on rats." News of the horrifying findings is spreading like wildfire across the internet, with even the mainstream media seemingly in shock over the photos of rats with multiple grotesque tumors... tumors so large the rats even had difficulty breathing in some cases.

Read Full article here:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New GMO Study's Horrifying Results !!

(NaturalNews) Eating genetically modified corn (GM corn) and consuming trace levels of Monsanto's Roundup chemical fertilizer caused rats to develop horrifying tumors, widespread organ damage, and premature death. That's the conclusion of a shocking new study that looked at the long-term effects of consuming Monsanto's genetically modified corn.

The study has been deemed "the most thorough research ever published into the health effects of GM food crops and the herbicide Roundup on rats." News of the horrifying findings is spreading like wildfire across the internet, with even the mainstream media seemingly in shock over the photos of rats with multiple grotesque tumors... tumors so large the rats even had difficulty breathing in some cases.


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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This Mistake Increases Your Chances Of Getting The Flu !!

New Study Confirms Flu Vaccines increase your risk of Pandemic Flu Illness !!

Please Read and Repost !!

Egyptian Scientist's Study On GMO's Alarming

Egyptian Scientist Hussein Kaoud tested Genetically Modified Food on rats and his results were alarming and further support the results that previous independant scientists have reached.

He put 9 different groups of rats on a 10% Genetically Modified Food & 90% Non Gmo Diet.

After 4 weeks he noticed these results:

“I recorded the alteration of different organs, shrinkage of kidneys, change in the liver and spleen, appearance of malignant parts in the tissues, kidney failure and hemorrhages in the intestine,“The brain functions were touched as well, and the rats’ learning and memory abilities were seriously altered.”

Kaoud also noted that the rats had lower immune responses and some rats developed cancer.

"The death rate of baby rats raised by mothers on a diet of
genetically modified corn increased by 35 percent, compared with the group of babies whose mothers ate natural corn,
and they were considerably smaller. Half of them died after three weeks."

Read the Full Article here:

Chinese Factories Warn Fluoride Is Toxic To Your Health

"Fluoride is a chemical weapon and those who ingest it are being poisoned by it.
Under the US Patriot Act: Any individual who dumps a toxic chemical into a public water supply is...according to the federal government a terrorist. So why is no action being taken against the mayors, the city council members, and the local bureaucrats who dump highly toxic fluoride into the water that you and your children are drinking. Are they all "terrorists" that are threatening America? Thats the question we all should be asking."

Mike Adams
Natural News

Monday, September 17, 2012

Throw Away Your Non Stick Pan !!

Teflon, the material used for non stick pans is bad for your health.
Throw it out !!


When Non Stick Pans are heated they release perfluorinated compounds. These fumes have been reported to kill birds !!

"The birds die abruptly, usually shortly after new non-stick pans are heated for the first time."

Even The makers of Teflon, Dupont have admitted that when Teflon is highly heated its fumes can KILL BIRDS !!

"Bird owners should be aware that there are potential dangers in the kitchen. Cooking fumes, smoke and odors that have little or no effect on people can seriously sicken and even kill some pet birds, often quite quickly.  Also cooking fumes from any type of unattended or overheated cookware, not just nonstick, can damage a bird's lungs with alarming speed. "

Even though the fumes emitted from Teflon can kill birds the makers of Teflon say it is "Safe" for humans to inhale when normal temperatures are used to cook food.

At extremly high temperatures (1,000 degrees F) which can be reached by stovetop drip pans
the non-stick coating breaks down to PFIB, which is a known chemical warfare agent and analog of the WWII nerve gas phosgene.

Recently Teflon has been linked to heart disease, thyroid disease, low birth weight, and oxidative dna damage.

Do you really want to be cooking with this nasty stuff?
Cooking with organic food and high quality ingredients goes to waste when cooking in Teflon pots and pans.

What should you cook with?

I personally have thrown out my Non stick pans and replaced them with stainless steal. This is the new cookware set that I bought.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

2 year old gets ticket for urinating in public

A 2 year old in Philadelphia received a $50 ticket for urinating in public. He couldnt hold it anymore and had to go. If he was a dog there would have been no problem. Dogs are allowed to pee outdoors with no problem. I never seen a dog owner get ticketed for his dog peeing in the street, why should a 2 year old get ticketed? 

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Thursday, September 13, 2012

6 Studies Last Year Linked Mercury In Flu Shots To Brain Damage, Autism

Researchers from the University of Brazil looked into the effects of low level Thimerosal on neural tissue and behavior.

Their results:

"Mercury causes serious brain damage, and is linked to autism and other developmental diseases in children and Alzheimer's disease in adults"

"Thimerosal accumulates in brain tissue, negatively affects brain development, and harms brain cells"

Does this surprise you? Mercury is one of the most toxic neurotoxins known to man.

Why is it still in Flu vaccines? 

Why is it recommended for pregnant women, children, and the elderly when it contains
250 times the EPA's safety limit for mercury?

Are you still stupid enough to take a flu vaccine?

Read the Full article here:

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

China & US Secretly Tested GMO Rice On Children

China's health authorities are investigating allegations that genetically modified rice has been tested on Chinese children as part of a research project.
A recent scientific publication suggested that researchers, backed by the US Department of Agriculture, fed experimental genetically engineered golden rice to 24 children in China aged between six and eight years old.

Read Full article here:

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pharmacist Ben Fuchs on Nutrition

Pharmacist Ben Fuchs on the 8 Chapters of Nutrition Part 1

Gifted in his ability to communicate complex scientific processes like human nutrition, Ben not only explains things well but teaches you to become a scientific detective of your own body.

Pharmacist Ben Fuchs on the 8 Chapters of Nutrition Part 2

Listen to Ben's daily radio show. Its an awesome show !!

Natural remedies for Yeast or Fungal Infections

Yeast and funguses love sugar. That is what makes them grow. Restricting your sugar intake in all forms is the first thing you must do if you have a yeast infection or fungal infection.This includes sodas, juices, honey, sugar, and even fruit.

Take a probiotic supplement that contains multiple strains of live bacteria. Probiotics are the "good bacteria" that live in your digestive tract. It is important to have these "friendly bacterias" populating your gut to prevent "bad bacteria" from populating there instead.

I would advise eating a couple of cloves of raw garlic everyday. Garlic has antifungal properties. (add some to your yogurt)

I would also add cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, wild oregano, and cloves to my diet.

If I had a fungal infection I would use tea tree oil topically. (do not ingest tea tree oil !!)

My Favorite probiotic is "Super Dophilus" from Wellness Resources click on the banner below to visit their site

Wellness Resources

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. All information provided on this web site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional. You should not use the information on this web site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new vitamins, supplements, diet, or exercise program, or before taking any medication.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Limited Time Sale Vaccine Documentary

Help Support The Makers Of This Amazing Documentary
By Purchasing An Unlimited Online Viewing Of Their Film.

Instant Access only $9.99 !!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chewing Gum Increases Your Mercury Exposure

A study showed that Heavy Gum chewers (5 hours per day) had 2 times the amount of mercury in their blood and three times the amount in their urine and breath than light chewers (30 minutes per day)


Mercurochrome And Other Barbaric Medical Solutions

My coworker was telling me about a topical antiseptic that was used for scrapes and minor cuts called Mercurochrome. Mercurochrome (merbromin) was made of mercury. She told me that her grandparents used it all the time to disinfect cuts.
I asked another coworker if she knew about Mercurochrome growing up and she said yes and shared stories about how people she knew used to use it.

It was first discovered in 1918 by a physician from John Hopkins Hospital. After 80 years of use in the Unites States the FDA finally banned it in 1998. (it is still used in many third world countries...something Bill Gates and other eugenicists are probably happy about)

It took them 80 years to ban this mercury containing antiseptic !!

How long will it take them to ban Mercury containing Dental Fillings?
How long will it take them to ban Mercury containing Vaccines? (yes they are still used in flu shots)
How long will it take them to ban Mercury containing Light bulbs?

The medical field loves to stick with dogmas. They always claim to be scientific but many times they are stuck to ancient barbaric beliefs.

Science has shown that mercury can cause severe damage to the brain, kidneys, and lungs.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mrs Obama, How about you....

Michelle Obama said that her main focus in her second term would be to "impact the nature of food in grocery stores"
She says that she wants to aim at sugar, fat and salt.

Now Mrs Obama, if you really want to make healthier changes to food that is sold in grocery stores:

You would want Genetically Modified Foods (GMO) to be labeled, wouldn't you?

You would tell people to avoid foods that contain Hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics....wouldn't you ?

Everyone reading this: Please Sign The Petition Telling Obama to support The Labeling Of GMO Foods.

We Demand To Know What We Are Eating !!

   Wellness Resources

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Media Forced To Cover Brain Damaging Fluoride

The main stream media has finally stepped up and admitted that sodium fluoride lowers the IQ of children. They took a look at the recent Harvard Study which showed that "children in high fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ scores than those who lived in low fluoride areas."

They were forced to cover this topic because they are losing credibility. (two-thirds of Americans think the news stories they read, hear and watch are frequently inaccurate)

Even Hillary Clinton admitted that the US is losing the "Information war" !!

I commend Dr. Keith Ablow for covering this important topic.
Now get this neurotoxin out of my drinking water !!!

Psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow  in the Fox article stated:

"Given the available data, I would recommend that children with learning disorders, attention deficit disorder, depression, attention-deficit disorder or other psychiatric illnesses refrain from drinking fluoridated water"

What about regular children Doc? Should we continue giving them brain damaging fluoride?

A special thanks to all the Informed Scientists, Doctors, Dentists, politicans, and activists who are keeping up the fight. The fight to spread truth !!

Keep up the Fight by spreading these articles, spreading these blogs. Email & facebook everyone you know until everyone knows how damaging fluoride is. Together we will get it out of our drinking water.

Read the article here: