Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Egyptian Scientist's Study On GMO's Alarming

Egyptian Scientist Hussein Kaoud tested Genetically Modified Food on rats and his results were alarming and further support the results that previous independant scientists have reached.

He put 9 different groups of rats on a 10% Genetically Modified Food & 90% Non Gmo Diet.

After 4 weeks he noticed these results:

“I recorded the alteration of different organs, shrinkage of kidneys, change in the liver and spleen, appearance of malignant parts in the tissues, kidney failure and hemorrhages in the intestine,“The brain functions were touched as well, and the rats’ learning and memory abilities were seriously altered.”

Kaoud also noted that the rats had lower immune responses and some rats developed cancer.

"The death rate of baby rats raised by mothers on a diet of
genetically modified corn increased by 35 percent, compared with the group of babies whose mothers ate natural corn,
and they were considerably smaller. Half of them died after three weeks."

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