Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Media Forced To Cover Brain Damaging Fluoride

The main stream media has finally stepped up and admitted that sodium fluoride lowers the IQ of children. They took a look at the recent Harvard Study which showed that "children in high fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ scores than those who lived in low fluoride areas."

They were forced to cover this topic because they are losing credibility. (two-thirds of Americans think the news stories they read, hear and watch are frequently inaccurate)

Even Hillary Clinton admitted that the US is losing the "Information war" !!

I commend Dr. Keith Ablow for covering this important topic.
Now get this neurotoxin out of my drinking water !!!

Psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow  in the Fox article stated:

"Given the available data, I would recommend that children with learning disorders, attention deficit disorder, depression, attention-deficit disorder or other psychiatric illnesses refrain from drinking fluoridated water"

What about regular children Doc? Should we continue giving them brain damaging fluoride?

A special thanks to all the Informed Scientists, Doctors, Dentists, politicans, and activists who are keeping up the fight. The fight to spread truth !!

Keep up the Fight by spreading these articles, spreading these blogs. Email & facebook everyone you know until everyone knows how damaging fluoride is. Together we will get it out of our drinking water.

Read the article here:

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