Saturday, September 22, 2012

Gmo Basics What You Need To Know

What are GMO's

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. These crops have been altered to have traits that dont exist in nature. Many of these crops have bacteria,viruses, and or pesticides forced into their DNA. Some are designed to live under heavy pesticide spraying, and some produce their own Poison.

What GMO crops are currently circulating in our food supply?

Corn, Soy, Canola, Cotton Seed, Yellow Squash, Sugar Beets. Most processed foods have GMO's in them. There are more GMO's that are going to be introduced to the food supply soon.

Why should you be concerned?

GMO's have been approved by the FDA without being properly tested. Independantly funded studies
have shown Horrifying Results. Rats fed GMO Foods experienced tumor growth, liver damage, kidney damage, and sterility. In a recent French Study 70% of female Rats suffered premature death. Severe organ damage, Massive increase in Large Tumors,

French Study On GMO's covered by Mike Adams on Infowars

French Study on GMO's On Nightly News

Avoid all Corn, Soy, Canola, Cotton Seed, Yellow Squash, Sugar Beets unless it is verified by the NON GMO Project. Thats the only sure way to know if the food is NON GMO.

Eating organic versions of these crops should not contain GMO's, but sometimes they accidently do,due to cross pollination of plants.

Some companies voluntarily claim that their product is NON GMO. This however is not a 100% Full Proof way to Know if the Food is NON GMO. Sometimes Companies do not know that their products are GMO, again due to cross pollination of crops.

 In processed food Sugar should be listed as  "Cane Sugar", or "Sugar from cane". If it doesnt not list these terms it is most likely GM Sugar derived from GM Sugar Beets.

Educate yourself about GMO's. Teach Your Family, Friends, and coworkers.
Spread this info in your churches.

Their is a battle going on right now. A war on humanity. If we do not ban GM Foods we will destroy the environment and ourselves. I believe that these Foods will depopulate the planet.

Email this to your friends.
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We Must get the word Out.
It is us VS the Biotech companies that are currently spending 20 million dollars to make sure that GMO's are not labeled !!
So That you dont know what foods Contain them.
Lets show them our POWER !!

Check out the important links below !!

Download the NON GMO Shopping Guide To Learn How to Identify GMO FOODS

Visit the Institute of Responsible Technology

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