Friday, September 26, 2014

Another Girl Murdered by Vaccines

So Syncope (passing out) and having seizures is "VERY VERY SAFE" ??

Here are some videos of other girls that were murdered or injured because of the HPV vaccine

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Vaccines cause autism Parents fight back !!!!!

On 8/27/14, CDC Scientist Bill Thompson issued a statement addressing his regret that he and his co-authors omitted “statistically significant information” in a 2004 study on the MMR vaccine causing autism.

CNN reporter Deborah Goldschmidt then published an article which embedded a CNN video where health correspondent Elizabeth Cohen states that within all of the dangerous side-effects of vaccines, autism is not listed. She then rephrased saying, “Some people don’t hear this well: vaccines do not cause autism.”

Outraged that CNN would choose to embed such a statement within Dr. Thompson’s confession that he and his co-authors had omitted evidence that African American males were at increased risk for autism from journal publication, autism parents across the country and across the globe responded to a call from the Autism Media Channel. These parents addressed the CNN correspondent directly, informing her that in their own families, vaccines had, in fact, caused autism.

Please check out this you tube channel





Thursday, September 11, 2014

The CDC thinks you are stupid

So the CDC thinks you are stupid.
 They admit that a study showed an increased risk for autism.
 They admit that their own researchers covered up the link since 2004.
 Then they go on to say that there is NO link between autism and vaccines.
This logic is like saying:
a murderer admitted to murder. All the evidence clearly shows he did it. There were 2 witnesses who saw the murder. The judge says there was No murder.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Big Pharma using NOVA to brainwash you and cover their dirt on vaccines

More brainwashing is on the way:

 As I mentioned on my last blog post the pharmaceutical industry is panicking !!!!

Every where I turn there is articles and news broadcasts about how safe vaccines are and how stupid and ignorant parents are for questioning or refusing to vaccinate their children.

Today I saw a news clip on a upcoming NOVA show on vaccines.

Here is what one columnist from Newsday wrote about the show:

"Is there really a valid debate any longer over the value or importance of vaccines? If so, then "Calling the Shots" is designed as an ironclad, insistent, well-reported film that, in the very nicest way possible, tells those who have decided not to vaccinate their children that they are -- essentially -- blithering idiots. There is no debate, or should be no debate, or if there is a debate, those doing the debating have spent way too much time on the Internet. That's the other message here."

I do not have the energy to break this all down so I will do it very briefly.

"Blithering idiots" are those who trust their doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and the CDC when they say vaccines are safe.

How could a vaccine be safe when it contains extremely hazardous chemicals like mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and other nasty chemicals?

Any real journalist would do their research and discover that just 2 weeks ago 2 CDC whistle blowers
admitted to fraud in a huge study that they were apart of. In that study they hide data that showed
that the MMR vaccine caused a 340% increase in autism !!!!!!

As for the mumps outbreaks.....almost all of the ones infected with mumps were previously vaccinated against it !!!!

want more reasons not to trust vaccines?

Merck faked mump vaccine efficacy for over a decade !!!!

why don't you search "vaccine injury" on you tube and see how many stories you see.

How safe is this?

Or this?

or this?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Media black out and destraction of fact that MMR vaccine causes autism

I was just reading an article that infuriated me. It was about a tiny (7 child) study that concluded if you treat kids with autism early enough you can reverse the disease.
How about not develop autism at all by not vaccinating your child with the MMR vaccine !!!!
The main stream medical establishment and their hench men the main stream media are panicking and trying extremely hard to cover up the admission of 2 cdc scientists that the MMR vaccine causes a 340% increase in autism.
Here is a few more MMR/Autism injuries
(if I had the time I could literally show you thousands of examples)
Vaccine courts indirectly agreed that vaccines caused autism in 2 cases by paying out Millions !!!!
In Italy a court ruled that an MMR vaccine caused a child's autism !!!!
Another boy who was compensated for his MMR injury. The vaccine caused him neurological damage,developed seizures, lost his language, motor, and social skills.
You can find numerous such videos all over you tube.