Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Media black out and destraction of fact that MMR vaccine causes autism

I was just reading an article that infuriated me. It was about a tiny (7 child) study that concluded if you treat kids with autism early enough you can reverse the disease.
How about not develop autism at all by not vaccinating your child with the MMR vaccine !!!!
The main stream medical establishment and their hench men the main stream media are panicking and trying extremely hard to cover up the admission of 2 cdc scientists that the MMR vaccine causes a 340% increase in autism.
Here is a few more MMR/Autism injuries
(if I had the time I could literally show you thousands of examples)
Vaccine courts indirectly agreed that vaccines caused autism in 2 cases by paying out Millions !!!!
In Italy a court ruled that an MMR vaccine caused a child's autism !!!!
Another boy who was compensated for his MMR injury. The vaccine caused him neurological damage,developed seizures, lost his language, motor, and social skills.
You can find numerous such videos all over you tube.

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