Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pediatrician says Pediatric Organization knows Vaccines Cause Autism

Dr. Kenneth P Stoller, MD, is a former Pediatrician at UCLA who resigned because he says that the American Academy of Pediatrics KNOWS Vaccines cause autism and tried to hide it.


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Health Officals; Flu Vaccine 18% Effective Admit Not Exact Science

"Health Officials" say that this years flu vaccine is only 18% effective.
You can throw this years vaccine on the dud list like every flu vaccine in the past.

These same "Health Officials" admit that the flu vaccine is "not an exact science" !!

The flu shot will never be effective because they have to guess which strains of the flu will be going around. This will never happen because viruses keep mutating !!!

So why is the flu shot being produced if it is not ever effective and can pose serious risks
To people's health?

As long as there is uneducated people willing to get it
Then there will be an industry willing to produce it.

Flu vaccines come with serious risks and can even lower your immunity !!

There is no evidence that vaccinating Healthcare workers prevents influenza in elderly residents in Long Term Care Facilities

Flu vaccine's lack evidence for protection in adults aged 65 years or older

Inactivated Influenza Vaccines Have Not Been Proven To Be Safe Or Effective In Children Under 2 Years Old

2008-2009 Seasonal Influenza Vaccine In England had a -6% Efficacy Rate


Friday, October 30, 2015

Main Stream Media Exposes CDC Cover Up of MMR Vaccine & Autism !!

CBS's Ben Swann covers the CDC autism cover up.
I'm glad he did this. Much respect goes out to him for doing this !!
The CDC hid & destroyed data that showed a
340% increase in autism in African American boys !!
To see the full testimony in the house of representatives & an interview with the cdc whistleblower
click link below:

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

As Beef Prices Rise Will You Be Forced To Eat Crickets?

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has predicted that beef will become a luxury item by 2050 do to rising food costs. So what will people be eating instead? Crickets is probably a good guess. They are cheaper to produce, create less waste, and are a clean and nutritious food source.

Insects are a good source of protein, b vitamins, iron, zinc, and are a low calorie food.

I'm not sure if I'm sold on the idea of eating insects, but apparently this is what is in store for us hehe.



Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dr Sanjay Gupta is a cold blooded Liar and I'm calling him out !!

I just turned on the TV to watch the news and had to stop to write this because I was so angry by the lies that I was hearing.

Dr Sanjay Gupta literally just said "there is no connection between vaccines and autism"

First of all Dr Gupta, you are either a cold blooded disgusting Liar, or do not keep up with vaccine research.

Let me break this down for you. There have been 30 plus studies linking vaccines to autism.

Did Dr Gupta not hear about the 2 CDC whistleblowers that admitted to falsifying an autism study?
This study showed that the MMR vaccine caused a 340% increase in autism in African American children.

Even congressman Bill Posey testified in the House of representatives that a CDC Scientist William Thompson admitted that the CDC destroyed documents that linked the MMR vaccine to autism, and that Dr. Thompson handed over copies of these documents !!

click here to learn more

Even an Italian court ruled that a vaccine caused autism in a child.

In the U.S even CBS NEWS reported that a child has been awarded over 1.5 million dollars
for vaccine induced autism !!!

It is even listed as a possible adverse reaction on the DTAP Vaccine !!

I am calling Dr Sanjay Gupta and CNN out on this.

How dare you Dr Gupta come out on the air and lie to the world?

He goes on to say that there is no reason to not vaccinate kids on schedule.
Has he ever read a vaccine package insert ? Has he ever visited the VAERS website? Does he not now that vaccines come with risks? Does he not know that vaccines can cause autoimmune diseases, digestive diseases, Type 1 Diabetes (do to pancreatitis), neurological diseases, Skin diseases, allergies, and even death ?

I'm sick and tired of the lies.
I'm sick and tired of the dogmatic rhetoric.
I'm sick of kids getting injured by vaccines.
I'm sick and tired of them forcing vaccines on to the public.

America is about freedom.
America is about choice.
whoever tries to take our freedoms away will be met with resistance from parents and people who know and have seen the truth.

Dr Gupta, stand up and apologize to the world. Remember why you became a doctor. To help people.
Remember "do no harm" ? Vaccines can & do cause harm, more often than is lead to believe.

I'm not sure who coined the saying "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it"

The main stream media who is heavily funded by the medical industry keeps repeating the lie
"there is no connection between vaccines & autism"

I'm here to tell you YES THERE IS.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Vaccine Package insert lists Autism under Adverse Events

The package insert for the Dtap vaccine lists "Autism" under the "adverse events" section.
If you go to page 11 on the link below you can read it for yourself.

To be clear, this is what people reported after the vaccine was approved. The report states that "autism", along with the other reactions listed was included "because of the seriousness or frequency of reporting"


Here is a screen shot from page 11

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Big Pharma spreads Aids, Autism, Polio, Measles, meningitis- Yet not one person goes to prison.

Bayer pharmaceutical company knowingly distributed AIDS tainted medication to hemophiliacs for over ten years, and after being exposed for doing so they shipped the remaining stock to be used overseas.

Florida Congressman Bill Posey talks about the CDC's Cover up of a study that showed
a 340% increase in Autism in African American Boys
The World Health Organization Paralyzed 47,500 Children with their Polio Vaccine

40 plus children were paralyzed by a Meningitis vaccine

Sterilizing chemicals were found in the Tetanus Vaccine that was given to Africans.
Thousands of Philippine woman were sterilized with tetanus vaccine
36 children died after measles vaccine


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Help us push for an investigation of the CDC for covering up and falsifying the MMR/Vaccine Study

One week ago, on the floor of the House of Representatives, Congressman Bill Posey testified that CDC vaccine safety researcher Dr. William Thompson had reported to Posey's office that he was present at a meeting in which he and his colleagues, all CDC senior-level vaccine and autism staffers, destroyed data which demonstrated a clear link between the MMR vaccine and autism. Dr. Thompson, believing this to be illegal, retained copies of these documents and turned them over to Rep. Posey, along with thousands of others which reportedly show that the CDC has committed extensive and pervasive fraud in its vaccine safety research. Rep. Posey testified to the House, which was broadcast on  CSPAN, that he has the documents and will make them available to any member of Congress who asks for them.
     Rep. Posey has now offered this set of documents to any and all members of Congress for review. To date there has been no response in the media or from members of Congress on this revelation. It is time for us to tell our legislators to get in the game!
Here’s what you can do: Click on the link below to send a message to your members of Congress:

requesting that they do the following:
          *Request the documents provided by Dr. Thompson from Rep. Bill Posey's office.
          *Review the documents.
          *Call for a full investigation by both Houses of Congress.
          *Get back to you on what they are going to do about it.
And telephone your members of Congress and tell them to the same.  And please write a brief letter, or copy and paste the message from the link above into a document and mail it to your two US Senators and your member of the House of Representatives. This will force them to create a file on the Thompson revelations and respond to you. The contact information for your representatives should appear below:

Sen. Charles E. Schumer
(202) 224-6542
(212) 486-4430
SH-322 Washington, D.C.,DC 20510
780 Third Avenue, Suite 2301 New York,NY 10017
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand
(202) 224-4451
(212) 688-6262
SR-478 Washington, D.C.,DC 20510
780 Third Avenue, Suite 2601 New York,NY 10017
Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney
(202) 225-7944
(212) 860-0606
2308 RHOB Washington, D.C.,DC 20515-3212
1651 Third Avenue, Suite 311 New York,NY 10128

     Please share this message with friends and family and please share on social networks and if you would like to receive news and Action Alerts please signup at Autism Action Network.org

How the public was tricked into believing that Polio was eradicated through vaccines

The way they made the public believe polio was eliminated through vaccines was by playing numerical tricks and reclassifying what polio is. Nothing has changed, the vaccine industry is full of scams & criminal corruption

This article takes you through all the smoke & mirrors in an easy to understand fashion

Monday, August 10, 2015

Hepatitis B Vaccine linked to Multiple Sclerosis

The Hepatitis B Vaccine is associated with an increased risk for developing Multiple sclerosis.

For more info on Hepatitis & The Hepatitis Vaccine click here

Recombinant hepatitis B vaccine and the risk of multiple sclerosis: a prospective study

National Vaccine Information Center

Saturday, August 8, 2015

CDC Scientist Exposes The Vaccine Autism Link

Dr Brian Hooker interviewed about the recent vaccine/autism cover up.
He along with Dr William Thompson came forward and admitted that the cdc
falsified a study that would have showed an increase in the rate of autism associated with the MMR vaccine.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

2 month old baby dies after vaccination

Italian authorities are investigating the death of a 2 year old following a mandatory vaccination.

When will this stop? How many baby deaths and injuries will it take? How many whistle blowers need to come out? How many activists are needed? How many petitions must be signed?

They just don't care about your child's health. They are not interested in the possibility of a vaccine causing damage. They just want to inject as many people as possible with their disease inducing poisons.


Monday, August 3, 2015

Study: Babies Show 3.7 Time Increase In Blood Infection Evaluation After Vaccination

A study that was just published in the American Journal Of  Medicine showed that infants that were born with extremely low birth weights (ELBW) showed a 3.7 time increased rate of sepsis evaluation (blood infection), increased respiratory support (2x higher), and intubation(1.7-1.8x higher) after routine vaccinations.
There were 5 deaths 3 days after the vaccinations. They do not present the data of deaths after 3 days. Why did they not publish this information?
Even though these babies showed dangerous life threatening effects, the scientist in this study are still recommending that physicians continue vaccinating this population with combination shots !!!
This shows you how brainwashed these scientists are that even when they see clear indications of harm they dismiss the findings as minor, and that vaccines are so fantastic that they cant even fathom the idea of halting them. They actually said "Our findings provide no evidence to suggest that physicians should not use combination vaccines in ELBW infants".
No evidence? Really? What do you call sepsis, problems breathing, intubation, seizures, and death ??
This is beyond sickening !!!   What ever happened to "Do no harm" ?
                                                  Watch this mind opening interview with
Neo Natal Nurse Practitioner & Founding Board Member of NAMV Michelle Rowton

"It's life threatening, and even if it ends up not being an infection, they've still had pain, invasive procedures, and they've had antibiotics given."

 Michelle Rowton Neo Natal NP
Adverse Events After Routine Immunization of Extremely Low-Birth-Weight Infants

Thursday, July 30, 2015

CDC fraud exposed in the house of representatives; Vaccines Do Cause Autism

Congressman Posey exposes CDC fraud in the House of Representatives !!!!! He presents the vaccine autism cover that was exposed by whistle blower Dr William Thompson. I Congratulate Mr. Posey for being brave enough to stand up and expose them. It is now in congressional records.

Here is a video of Dr William Thompson blowing the lid off of the cover up.
The MMR Vaccine was shown to cause Autism at a rate of 340% in African American Boys !!

The debate is over: The MMR vaccine can cause Autism, and the CDC is engaged in a criminal conspiracy to cover up this fact

Repost this and show it to everyone who says that the Vaccine Autism Theory has been "debunked"

I need you all to repost this so that this information spreads.
The main stream media will never cover this properly & honesty (because they are funded heavily by pharmaceutical companies)

You can make a difference. You can save a child from being damaged by reposting this !!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Surgeon General just lost all credibility

So Mr Surgeon General.....you say vaccines are safe?.
You just lost all credibility as a leader of public health.
The fact that vaccines are not safe is irrefutable.
Read on

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

For the next Person who tells you that vaccines are safe

60 Million Awarded to Those Brain Damaged By Flu vaccine

Italian Court Rules Vaccines Cause Autism

Family to Receive $1.5M+ in Vaccine-Autism Court Award

The US Government has paid 3 billion to vaccine injured since 1989 (a wealth of info here !!!)

CDC whistleblower confesses to MMR vaccine research fraud in historic public statement

Merck Virologists File Lawsuits against company for Falsifying Vaccine efficacy

Flu vaccine increases chance of upper respiratory infections by more than 4 times

Teen dies from flu after receiving flu shot

Cheerleader injured by flu vaccine (video)

3 year old dies from flu even after she was vaccinated

Piers Morgan Gets Sick after taking Flu shot

Study: Infants receiving the most vaccines are the most likely to be hospitalized and die

40 children paralyzed after meningitis vaccine

Polio vaccines Paralyzes 47,500 people with polio

World Health Organization Caught Sterilizing Woman with Vaccine

36 children die after being injected with Measles vaccine

3 babies die from hepatitis b vaccine

Deadly new pertussis strain linked with whooping cough vaccine

Child brain damaged by MMR vaccine (video)

19 year old dies from flu shot (video)

This video shows footage of expert and parent testimony during a vaccine hearing in MA:

The many cases files against the vaccine court

MMR II (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Virus VACCINE LIVE) from Merck:
ADVERSE REACTIONS: The following adverse reactions are listed in decreasing order of severity, without regard to causality, within each body system category and have been reported during clinical trials, with use of the marketed vaccine, or with use of monovalent or bivalent vaccine containing measles, mumps, or rubella: Body as a Whole Panniculitis; atypical measles; fever; syncope; headache; dizziness; malaise; irritability. Cardiovascular System Vasculitis. Digestive System Pancreatitis; diarrhea; vomiting; parotitis; nausea. 7 Endocrine System Diabetes mellitus. Hemic and Lymphatic System Thrombocytopenia (see WARNINGS, Thrombocytopenia); purpura; regional lymphadenopathy; leukocytosis. Immune System Anaphylaxis and anaphylactoid reactions have been reported as well as related phenomena such as angioneurotic edema (including peripheral or facial edema) and bronchial spasm in individuals with or without an allergic history. Musculoskeletal System Arthritis; arthralgia; myalgia. Arthralgia and/or arthritis (usually transient and rarely chronic), and polyneuritis are features of infection with wild-type rubella and vary in frequency and severity with age and sex, being greatest in adult females and least in prepubertal children. This type of involvement as well as myalgia and paresthesia, have also been reported following administration of MERUVAX II. Chronic arthritis has been associated with wild-type rubella infection and has been related to persistent virus and/or viral antigen isolated from body tissues. Only rarely have vaccine recipients developed chronic joint symptoms. Following vaccination in children, reactions in joints are uncommon and generally of brief duration. In women, incidence rates for arthritis and arthralgia are generally higher than those seen in children (children: 0-3%; women: 12-26%),{17,56,57} and the reactions tend to be more marked and of longer duration. Symptoms may persist for a matter of months or on rare occasions for years. In adolescent girls, the reactions appear to be intermediate in incidence between those seen in children and in adult women. Even in women older than 35 years, these reactions are generally well tolerated and rarely interfere with normal activities. Nervous System Encephalitis; encephalopathy; measles inclusion body encephalitis (MIBE) (see CONTRAINDICATIONS); subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE); Guillain-BarrĂ© Syndrome (GBS); acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM); transverse myelitis; febrile convulsions; afebrile convulsions or seizures; ataxia; polyneuritis; polyneuropathy; ocular palsies; paresthesia. Respiratory System Pneumonia; pneumonitis (see CONTRAINDICATIONS); sore throat; cough; rhinitis. Skin Stevens-Johnson syndrome; erythema multiforme; urticaria; rash; measles-like rash; pruritis. Local reactions including burning/stinging at injection site; wheal and flare; redness (erythema); swelling; induration; tenderness; vesiculation at injection site. Special Senses — Ear Nerve deafness; otitis media. Special Senses — Eye Retinitis; optic neuritis; papillitis; retrobulbar neuritis; conjunctivitis. Urogenital System Epididymitis; orchitis. Other Death from various, and in some cases unknown, causes has been reported rarely following vaccination with measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines; however, a causal relationship has not been established in healthy individuals (see CONTRAINDICATIONS).

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Most Dangerous Place to Visit

The most dangerous place to visit is not the slums of Brazil, South Central Los Angeles,  Mexico, or Haiti. It is a U.S Hospital.

Each year in America 98,000 Americans a year die from medical errors. Approximately 2 million U.S. patients catch an infection from the hospital each year, and about 90,000 die.

*Approximately 34% of people say they or their families have experienced a medical error

*50% of those with chronic illnesses have been affected by an error.

*Hospitalized patients experience at least one medication error a day.

*Nearly 2 million U.S. patients catch an infection from the hospital each year, and about 90,000 die.

*Only 35% of hospital employees consistently wash their hands before they touch a patient.

Read the article here

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Action Alert: Tell Cuomo to NOT increase the dose of brain damaging fluoride in our drinking water

Many countries throughout the world, as well as many states in the US are ending their fluoridation programs because of the mounding scientific evidence that fluoride lower's IQ levels, damages the brain, nervous system, disrupts the thyroid, and has even been linked to bone cancer. Despite over 48 studies showing the harmful effects of fluoride, NY is set to increase their dosage of this brain damaging chemical by 10% !!

Please take a few moments to write send Cuomo a letter and please share this with all your contacts
through social media and email.

We can stop the poisoning of our water supply if we all speak up !!


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Court rules all nyc students must be poisoned before attending school

  "there is good evidence to show they're very safe and very effective" Really Dr. Rand?

I'm assuming Dr Rand has not checked out the VAERS government website which lists all the REPORTED vaccine injuries and deaths. (this does not include the many that go unreported)
(you can read about the 80 injuries and deaths that were just compensated by the US government here !!)

I'm assuming that Dr Rand did not hear about the 2 virologist that admitted to falsifying data from a huge study that showed MMR vaccines caused a 340 % increase in AUTISM in African American boys. YES autism. The same disease that Pharmaceutical companies and the organizations that they heavily fund keep saying is not linked to vaccines.

What about all the main stream news reports of the serious injuries and deaths that have been caused by vaccines?

Has Dr. Rand ever read any of the vaccine package inserts that admit to the possible side effects and which list their toxic ingredients that they contain? (aluminum, formaldehyde, and mercury over 250 times the EPA's safety limit to name a few. What about the various proteins that can cause an autoimmune disease)

"Vaccines are really the best public health measure that we have in this century"  Really Dr Rand?

What about not eating processed foods? What about supplementing with essential Vitamins and minerals? What about getting plenty of sleep? What about getting plenty of vitamin D from the sun? What about staying away from toxic and hazardous life threatening chemicals which are found in vaccines?

Dr. Rand, I hope that you are just ignorant and uninformed and that you are not just a liar.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Why is this Doctor being silenced by the Aussie Vaccine Mafia?

The Australian pro vaccine lobby an the U.N is terrified of what Dr Tenpenny has to say.
They are trying to silencer her !!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Another Vaccinated Girl Tragically Dies from The Flu

Another tragic story of a 3 year old girl who died of the flu even though she was vaccinated for it. She contracted both type A & B influenza.

I believe flu vaccines weaken your immune system. I also think that it is possible that the vaccine it self could be given the flu since both Type A * B influenza are in it.

Bottom line: FLU VACCINES DON"T WORK !!!!!!!  


Friday, January 2, 2015

37 Year Old Woman Dies of The Flu Even Though She Was Vaccinated

A 37 year old woman died of the flu even though she was vaccinated. Flu vaccines do not work. Flu vaccines are medical quackery at it's finest. I believe flu vaccines weaken your immune system because it is too busy detoxifying the toxic ingredients that are contained in them. The flu vaccine increases your chances of getting a respiratory infection by 5.5 times !!

In fact a meta-analysis study revealed that Flu vaccines are only 1.5 % effective !!!