Sunday, January 18, 2015

Court rules all nyc students must be poisoned before attending school

  "there is good evidence to show they're very safe and very effective" Really Dr. Rand?

I'm assuming Dr Rand has not checked out the VAERS government website which lists all the REPORTED vaccine injuries and deaths. (this does not include the many that go unreported)
(you can read about the 80 injuries and deaths that were just compensated by the US government here !!)

I'm assuming that Dr Rand did not hear about the 2 virologist that admitted to falsifying data from a huge study that showed MMR vaccines caused a 340 % increase in AUTISM in African American boys. YES autism. The same disease that Pharmaceutical companies and the organizations that they heavily fund keep saying is not linked to vaccines.

What about all the main stream news reports of the serious injuries and deaths that have been caused by vaccines?

Has Dr. Rand ever read any of the vaccine package inserts that admit to the possible side effects and which list their toxic ingredients that they contain? (aluminum, formaldehyde, and mercury over 250 times the EPA's safety limit to name a few. What about the various proteins that can cause an autoimmune disease)

"Vaccines are really the best public health measure that we have in this century"  Really Dr Rand?

What about not eating processed foods? What about supplementing with essential Vitamins and minerals? What about getting plenty of sleep? What about getting plenty of vitamin D from the sun? What about staying away from toxic and hazardous life threatening chemicals which are found in vaccines?

Dr. Rand, I hope that you are just ignorant and uninformed and that you are not just a liar.

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