Thursday, July 30, 2015

CDC fraud exposed in the house of representatives; Vaccines Do Cause Autism

Congressman Posey exposes CDC fraud in the House of Representatives !!!!! He presents the vaccine autism cover that was exposed by whistle blower Dr William Thompson. I Congratulate Mr. Posey for being brave enough to stand up and expose them. It is now in congressional records.

Here is a video of Dr William Thompson blowing the lid off of the cover up.
The MMR Vaccine was shown to cause Autism at a rate of 340% in African American Boys !!

The debate is over: The MMR vaccine can cause Autism, and the CDC is engaged in a criminal conspiracy to cover up this fact

Repost this and show it to everyone who says that the Vaccine Autism Theory has been "debunked"

I need you all to repost this so that this information spreads.
The main stream media will never cover this properly & honesty (because they are funded heavily by pharmaceutical companies)

You can make a difference. You can save a child from being damaged by reposting this !!

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