Thursday, August 27, 2015

Big Pharma spreads Aids, Autism, Polio, Measles, meningitis- Yet not one person goes to prison.

Bayer pharmaceutical company knowingly distributed AIDS tainted medication to hemophiliacs for over ten years, and after being exposed for doing so they shipped the remaining stock to be used overseas.

Florida Congressman Bill Posey talks about the CDC's Cover up of a study that showed
a 340% increase in Autism in African American Boys
The World Health Organization Paralyzed 47,500 Children with their Polio Vaccine

40 plus children were paralyzed by a Meningitis vaccine

Sterilizing chemicals were found in the Tetanus Vaccine that was given to Africans.
Thousands of Philippine woman were sterilized with tetanus vaccine
36 children died after measles vaccine


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