Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Amora Soaps

I would Like to introduce you to my Soaps,

Rose Petal Soap

Bathe in Lavish Rose Petals
& Moisturize your skin
with the sensual oil of Rose Geranium
Inhale the scent of love

Lavender Soap

Shower Streams wet the Soap
releasing the lavender scent as it lathers your skin
inducing relaxation throughout your body
It's violet color & calming fragrance
combine to sooth your mind

Caribbean Coconut

Nurture your skin with the milky
inner flesh of Caribbean Coconut.
It's Creamy scent will drift you away
to the warm tropics

Cinnamon Almond

The rich warming spice of Cinnamon perfectly accents
the nutty scent of Almonds. Orange essential oil gives
this soap an added dash of freshness


Bathe In the fresh scent of oranges. Refreshing.
The scent is incredible !!

Eucalyptus Spearmint

The Sweet Refreshing Scent of Spearmint
meets the Clean cool menthol feel of Eucalyptus


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