Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bill Maher Argues Against GMO FOODS

Bill Maher & Rachel Madow argue with Nick Gillespie on Gmos

Bill Maher Calls out Obama on his broken promise to Label GMO Foods.

Author Nick Gillespie is either ignorant about Gmos or is working for the Biotech companies 

Claim #1: It's Good to create GMO Corn with built in pesticides because we then use less pesticides
Claim# 2  There are no known health risks associated with GMOs

Both of course false statements.

We actually have been using more pesticdes because the weeds that grow around these GMO crops have become resistent to the pesticides. These resistant weeds have been named "Superweeds"

There are no known health risks? Are you kidding me Nick?
Every single independantly funded study has shown that GMOs cause cancer, multiple organ failure, and infertility in the animals that have been tested on.

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