Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mcdonalds teaching nutrition to kids?

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Since Childhood obesity and the diseases that usually accompany them are on the rise, Mcdonald's wants to teach kids a little about nutrition.

Mcdonald's now invites school children to their local restaurants to conduct workshops designed to teach them about healthy eating strategies. The children learn about fat, sodium, and calorie counting. The kids are then allowed to make their own sandwiches.

Is this a joke?  Mcdonald's teaching children about healthy eating?

Is this how Mcdonald's plans on battling the obesity epidemic in this country?

By teaching kids to have less cheese and more of their nutrient lacking lettuce?

By choosing their hormone injected, antibiotic fed, silicone coated chicken nuggets over their  hormone/antibiotic fed beef  full of  preservatives?

I feel sorry for these 11 year olds if they dont have anyone in their families telling them that Mcdonalds is something they should steer clear of if they care about their health.


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