Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Growing New Drug Habbit Amongst Students

This News Clip Seems Like it is More of a Commercial for Adderall than a warning.
Pay attention to how this news piece is put together. The questions asked....The answers given...
We know that Pharmaceutical companies heavily fund Main Stream news Stations through purchased advertisments.
Im not saying this was intentially done....But it is highly suspiscious :)

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Student: "For 2 days straight, im up...No sleep"    

News anchor: "How are you doing that?"

Student: "Adderall"

News anchor: "Adderall ?"

Student: "Adderall."

News anchor:"Why Dont's Kids Think this is a big deal? I mean this is a controlled substance."

Student: "Cause.....You are doing very well when you take it...Most of the time."

Student: "I never heard anyone say...I took Adderall and did terrible on my exam.
It's like an academic steroid"

News anchor: "I was just thinking that. It's like takinging steroids in sports" as the news woman smirks.
"Barry Bonds in the Library....Absolutely."

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