Thursday, June 13, 2013

Busting The GMO Myths

Myth 1

"The American farmer today can feed the world because we have experimented. We have done research, and hybrid,” Republican Rep. Bernard Ayotte said during Tuesday’s debate on the House version of the bill. “I’m not against GMO labeling. What I fear is that this bill may lead to the curtailment or stopping of GMO experiments.”
Gmo's yield less crops globally than conventional and organic crops.

Myth 2

“We oppose current initiatives to mandate labeling of ingredients developed from GM seeds in the absence of any demonstrated risks,” the company says on its website. “Such mandatory labeling could imply that food products containing these ingredients are somehow inferior to their conventional or organic counterparts.” Monsanto

Really? absence of risk?
How about this study and this study which produced tumors and leukemia in lab animals.

US Farmers May Stop Planting GM's After Poor Global Yields

Maine Passes GMO Bill

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