Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Reduce Stress & Lower your blood pressure with this cool App !!

I urge everyone to practice deep breathing throughout the day. Deep Breathing relaxes the body and gives the message to the brain that it is safe. When the feels safe growth and repair can occur.

This is a great tool for everyone !! *Especially people who suffer from anxiety, high blood pressure, insomnia, or any degenerative disease.

Biofeedback breathing is a breath pacer that allows the user to keep count of Inhale and Exhale breathing cycles. The user can set the lengths of the Inhale and Exhale phases independently. One tone is used for the Inhale phase and another tone is used during the Exhale phase, allowing the user to use the app without having to look at it.

Download Here

*This is not a "cure" for blood pressure....but I bet your blood pressure would go down while using this app or while deep breathing. If I had High blood pressure I would use this several times throughout the day !!

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