Tuesday, June 11, 2013

China Destroys US GM Corn

Countries are around the world are forbidding and destroying shipments of GMO Crops.
Why can we not ban Gmo's or at the very minimum force companies to label them?
Independently funded studies have shown links to cancer, infertility, and many people have suspected a link to the rampant spread of allergies since their inception in 1995.
                       China Destroys Multiple Shipments of GM Corn from US
(NaturalNews) Several large shipments of genetically-modified (GM) corn and corn seeds originating from the U.S. have been destroyed by the Chinese government after being discovered by import officials at numerous locations across the country. At least three shipments of GM corn detected at the Wanzai Port in Zhuhai City near Macau were reportedly destroyed after being successfully intercepted by government officials, while another 21 cartons of GM corn seeds weighing more than 250 pounds were destroyed in the northern Chinese city of Harbin
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