Saturday, February 2, 2013

Aspirin linked to Eye disease

If you listen to your stupid doctor's advise you might end up blind. A new study conducted by the University of Sydney  found an association between regular aspirin usage and Macular Degeneration.

While there is no doubt that aspirin has the ability to prevent you from getting a heart attack, is that really the wisest way to do it? I think that there is something wrong with the idea of using a drug to maintain your health. All pharmaceutical Drugs are toxic and need to be processed by the bodies poison control center...The liver. You are putting a heavy burden on your liver everytime you take a pharmaceutical drug whether its prescription or over the counter.

There are smarter stratgegies out there that I would use if I was worried about my cardiovascular health.

The first thing is obviously to eat a better diet & exercise

I would take a multivitamin and add additional  Vitamin C, Magnesium , Selenium, Vitamin K, Omega 3 fatty acids, CoQ10, Vitamin E, and chromium.

I would use these at their theurapeutic dosages which are well above the RDA's.

* This is my opinion and what I would do for myself based on the research I have done, I am not a medical doctor (thank god) nor are these statements approved by the FDA.

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