Sunday, February 3, 2013

Adults Not Vaccinating Establishment Freaking out

The Scientific Dictatorship is freaking out...."Adult vaccination rates are unacceptably low"
says the CDC.

Why do you think that vaccination rates are low?

Could it be that people are waking up to the fact that vaccines are not as safe or effective as the pharmaceutical industrial complex wants you to believe ?

Could it be that people are reading the vaccine inserts and noticing that numerous hazardous chemicals are inside vaccines.

 Thimerosol (mercury-one of the most hazardous chemicals known to man)
 Aluminum (Neurotoxin)
 Formaldehyde (Class 1 carcinogen)
 Octoxynol 9 (spermicide)
 Neomycin (antibiotic)
 MSG (neurotoxin)

Could it be the fact that many people have been neurologically damaged by vaccines?

Could it be that people have read about the criminal fraud that has been going around with some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies ? Things like falsifying study results to show higher efficiency rates, and spiking blood samples to show more antibodies.

Could it be that people heard Bill Gates say that vaccines can help reduce the world's population
by 15% during a TED Talk?

Could it be that people read about the Philippine government secretly sterilizing its female citizens through a tetanus vaccine?

Could it be that people read the news about the 47,500 children that were paralyzed after receiving a dose of a polio vaccine in India? The 50 Children paralyzed in Africa by a meningitis vaccine? (Both funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

Could it be that Whooping Cough was spread mainly through vaccinated children?

Could it be that people are actually figuring out what is going on here?

I know that the establishment will try really hard to force adults to get vaccinated, especially with the rise of obamacare. I can see them trying to ban citizens from working if they don't get vaccinated. Spread the word about the dangers of vaccines to your friends and loved ones. Together we will one day stop this tyrannical medical/pharmaceutical dictatorship.

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