Saturday, February 16, 2013

Thought control at my daughter's School?

My Daughter came home the other day telling me that she doesn't want to drink bottled water anymore. She told me that she read an article in class that said how water bottles are polluting the earth and that bottle water was shown to be dirtier than tap water. She also read that many bottled waters are actually filtered tap water. She also mentioned that bottled water lacks fluoride that tap water provides.

Nothing upsets me more than brain wash education that is taught by well meaning professors and teachers.

Well I'm here to reverse the brainwashing :)

Yes it is true that purchasing bottled water is polluting the environment. To say that bottled water is dirtier than tap water is just a plain lie.

There are over 60,000 chemicals in our tap water, yet the EPA only regulates 91 chemicals!!
Scientists have found hundreds of these chemicals to be associated to cancer and other diseases even in small concentrations.

"Government scientists now generally agree, however, that many chemicals commonly found in drinking water pose serious risks at low concentrations"

In the article my daughter read a Nutrition Professor from New York University stated:

"First of all, water is water is water," says Marion Nestle, a professor of nutrition at New York University. "Second, tap water in the developed world is not only cleaner than bottled water, but it has fluoride, which most bottled water does not. Mostly, you are paying for the convenience of the bottle."

NO water is NOT water is NOT water is NOT water !!

Besides the 60,000 plus unregulated chemicals that are found in our drinking water,
we also have to worry about the chlorine & fluoride that are purposely put into the drinking water.

Chlorine is used to kill pathogens and dangerous micro flora, but have you ever wondered what it is doing to your friendly intestinal bacteria?

Fluoride has been linked in over 23 studies including a recent Harvard University Study to lower the IQ level of children. It is a neurotoxin which causes neurological damage and has shown to be able to disrupt the thyroid gland and has been linked to certain cancers as well.

I feel sorry for these professors who don't keep up with the latest in scientific findings. I feel even sorrier for the people who listen to these "professionals" without doing their own research.

Growing up I kept hearing "NYC has the best tap water" this mantra kept being repeated by people parroting what the politicians and media told them.

I recommend everyone buy a filter that is able to remove the fluoride and chlorine out of their tap water. If you cant afford it now drink bottled water (although bottled has BPA which poses its own health risks)

I personally don't have a Fluoride Filter Yet, but I'm thinking of buying this one:

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