Friday, December 20, 2013

Docs, Pharma, Main Stream Media CAUGHT attempting to mislead you yet again !!!!!!!!

The Pharmaceutical industry and some doctors are trying to make you believe that Vitamins and Minerals are worthless and possibly harmful. They are using the Main stream media to push this message to brainwash the masses.

These scientists and doctors should lose their license for not being able to read and interpret scientific studies and sort out good quality science from flawed science.

Before I get into exposing and pointing out the many flaws in these studies, I like to begin by saying that Vitamins and minerals are ESSENTIAL to life. They are not optional. In order for the body to work properly you need 90 essential nutrients. If you don't have these in your diet your body will degenerate and you will end up with deficiencies and health problems.

I Believe that it is so important to supplement with these essential nutrients because our soils are depleted in them.

Because I know that most people don't have the time to sit here and read through all the details, I will make quick bullet points as to the flaws.

In the first study:

*Low quality, low levels of vitamins were used.
*participants were allowed to be in this study even if they took the multivitamin just 2/3rd of the time.
* The adherence rate was based on the participants' memory and not scientifically documented.
    (every scientist knows that this is the worst way to track something)
* Even participant drop outs were included in the study !!!
* Low doses of vitamins and minerals were used. 60mg of vitmain C, 25mcg of Vitamin B12, and 20mcg of selenium. Any expert on nutrition research knows that these low doses of nutrients will most likely show no health benefit besides possibly preventing scurvy.
The researches even said that the Vitamins used may be too low !!!

The ultimate scientific quackery is the fact that they compared a higher rate of diabetic who took the multivitamin and put them up against a placebo with a lower rate of diabetics !!!

Read an excellent breakdown here:

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