Sunday, July 22, 2012

Salt Myths

*In order for your stomach to properly digest food its optimal PH Level should be 1.5.  Sodium and Calcium are  needed to produce this desirable stomach acid level. People who are on a salt restricted diet will have weak stomach acid. When you have weak stomach acid you will not be able to extract calcium from your food (which makes your stomach acid even weaker !!) Contrary to popular Healthcare belief, Heartburn is caused by weak stomach acid. Dont reach for the antacids !!
This will only weaken your stomach acid making it impossible for you to properly digest your food.

So reach for the salt and salt your food :)

*Peter Glidden BS, ND. The MD Emperor Has No Clothes.LULU,2010.
pg 145,146

If you are worried about getting hypertension (High Blood pressure) I would like to inform you that there has never been a well documentated study proving that a High salt intake will cause Hypertension. (as far as i'm aware of) This is another medical myth !!

* *I am not a medical doctor. Please consult your Medical doctor for Medical advise.
  Now My Lawyer is Happy.

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