Tuesday, July 31, 2012

NY Dictator Strikes Again

Dictator Bloomberg strikes again, this time he's coming for your baby formula.
As part of his "Latch on NYC" campaign which will go into effect September 3rd, Mayor Goonberg is encouraging NYC Hospitals to lock up their Baby Formula and give it out only if a nurse signs it out. Mother's will still be allowed to use baby formula, but this plan will give them a small obstacle in obtaining it.

Goonberg says he is doing this because he wants to promote breast feeding. We all know the health benefits of breast milk. I myself am an advocate for breastfeeding because it has numerous health benefits, which include strengthening the babies immune system and better brain development.

However this is not what we are debating here. We are debating the freedom of a woman to choose what she wants to feed her baby. Government has no place in deciding what we eat, or what we feed our children.

If he really cared about our health, he would demand that Fluoride be removed from our water supply, which has been shown to lower childrens IQ's. He would also demand the labeling of Genetically Modified Food (GMO's).

See its not about our health. Its about control.
Dictator Bloomberg took NYC's law that limited a Mayor to two terms and changed it to 3, then after he was elected changed the rules back so that no other mayor could do that. That goes to show you what kind of control freak he is.

Then he gets into the salt ban, sugared drinks over 16 oz's ban, baby formula ban, and he is planning on squeezing individuals into 275 to 300 square feet apartments, which is currently illegal under nyc building code. The current minumum living space requirment is 400 square feet. Does he care about your mental well being?  Living in small spaces can make you depressed. Of course he doesnt care about your mental health. He is on a misson. That mission is called UN Agenda 21.




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