Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rick Perry wants to tell you what to call Pink Slime

The Beef Industry is panicking. Supermarkets are not buying the Pink Slime because people dont want it.
Texas Governor Rick Perry along with Iowa Governor Terry Branstad and  Kansas Governor Sam Brownback take a tour of a  pink slime factory to try to convince you that this stuff is safe and nutritious. During the press confrence that followed the tour Governor Branstand yells out "It's beef, but it's leaner beef which is better for you." Yeah, sure Governor Brandstand ammonia Hydroxide is wonderfully nutritious !!

 Rick Perry during the press confrence stood up and told the public what  to call Pink slime  "Let's call this product what it is and let 'pink slime' become a term of the past.” These governors are such puppets for corporations that they even went as far as to eat the pink slime burgers in front of the cameras.  The founders of Beef products INC contributed $150,000 to Governor Branstad  in 2010, im sure that had something to do with his defense of this company. All three of these governors are in Beef producing states. The governors held up a Tshirts that said "Dude,, its just Beef !"

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