Thursday, March 22, 2012

Let Mike Bloomberg Eat Pink slime

There is "Pink slime" in the beef your child is eating at school. Yes, the New York city school lunch program has been buying this "pink slime" from the USDA. Pink Slime is a cheap filler that is used in ground beef that is made from fatty scraps obtained from pieces of meat that have " high exposure to fecal matter" according to U.S. Senator Robert Menendez from NJ. Instead of throwing this byproduct out they feed it to our kids. They heat it up to 100% F & spin it around to remove as much fat as possible. Then they compress it into blocks. It is then sprayed with Ammonia Hydroxide gas to kill bacteria like salmonella and ecoli and mixed into ground beef where it is sold at a low price. They think our children are animals so they feed this to them.

Lets feed this pink slime to Mayor Bloomberg. New York city public schools will coninue serving this till the fall. Boston, Los Angeles, and Memphis have stopped using this pink slime. We should not accept this. We should not be feeding this to our children. I urge you all to do something about this. Write a letter to your childs school, have a meeting with the principle. Write a letter to Mayor Bloomberg demanding the end to this discusting ammonia laced Meat.

Please give me your ideas on this. How can we effectively stop this?
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