Sunday, November 24, 2013

Why No Meningitis Vaccine has been Approved in the U.S & Britain

Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, Attorney Alan Phillips, and listener-callers as they discuss what kinds of healthcare workers do and don't have a right under federal civil rights law to refuse vaccines required by hospitals due to their religious beliefs (e.g., hospital contract workers, vendors, physicians with hospital privileges, volunteers, etc.); An Experimental Meningitis Vaccine being pushed on Princeton University students following 7 mild cases of meningitis in students over a 9 month period; why no new meningitis vaccine has been approved in the U.S. and Britain; how the definitions of 'epidemic' and 'outbreak' have been changed over time to market vaccines; what steps you can take to lower your risk of meningitis and other infectious diseases; how the dangers of chicken pox and the chicken pox vaccine compare; what supplements may protect against chicken pox and other herpes viruses; diseases you are less likely to get if you have had chicken pox; and much more!

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