Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Problems with healthcare worker vaccine exeption & world health organization data shows polio vaccine more harm than benefit

Doctor-Attorney Mayer Eisenstein, Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips, special guest Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, and impromptu call-in guest Dr. Paul King, Ph.D., discuss problems with healthcare worker vaccine exemptions, Dr. Tenpenny's new Vaccine Research Library FaceBook page, problems with plans to vaccinate millions of children in Syria with the polio vaccine, consequences of the Salk polio vaccine contamination, a doctor's critique of flu vaccine policy in the British Medical Journal, how making a country's children sick with vaccines may serve a population control agenda, how the repeated administration of single antigens eventually leads to autoimmunity, how repeated vaccination in young children may lead to an anaphylactic shock from gummy bears, data from the World Health Organization that shows more harm than benefit from polio vaccines, research that found that flu vaccines may increase the risk of non-influenza respiratory illness by a factor of 4, where healthcare workers can go to get help with vaccine exemptions, and more!

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