Saturday, November 2, 2013

Unvaccinated healthcare workers being harrassed by uneducated medical system.

This is a poster that they have in my healthcare facility.
There is a new healthcare mandate in New York that all healthcare workers
either get the flu vaccine or wear a mask.
The Poster says "Does this mask go with your Fall wardrobe?"
This mask says many things.
They are closing the mouths of healthcare workers who refuse to get the ineffective vaccine.
They are suffocating them.
They are trying to ridicule them
They are trying to make them look like outcasts.
By wearing a mask they are singling out non vaccinated workers like they are the ugly freaks
in the crowd. "look at that ugly unvaccinated"
The reality of this whole issue is that Flu shots DO NOT WORK.
The government knows that they don't work but continue to push these useless vaccines because
the pharmaceutical companies tell them too.
The flu vaccines contain dangerous chemicals that can cause injuries, diseases, and even death.
Flu shots have been shown to increase the chances of getting respiratory infections by 4 times !!!
There is so much evidence that the flu vaccine does not work that it is amazing how doctors are
not doing their own research.


  1. Yes!! I had a "bigwig" nurse, the head one, come to my office and ask me if I was getting a flu shot this year (because I sign the declination form every year) and when I answered "no", she gave me a dramatic look of fake shock and said, "why not?" and I said, "because my family does not get the flu shot" and "I am breastfeeding and not okay with those toxins going into my milk" and she said, "so what about your kids? Will you get if for them?" and I said, "No." and left it at that, and then she said, "oh, well.... measles is going around, so I hope they don't get THAT" (wtf does that have to do with the flu shot and it's none of her business what I do for my family.) Then she said, "well, you will have to wear the mask whenever you are at work" and I said, "yes, I am aware of the policy, and I will wear the mask."

  2. The only time I have had the flu in the past 10 years, is the year I got the flu shot. It is the sickest I have ever been.