Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tyrants want allergic boy to get flu shot or not come back to school

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A New Jersey School told a 4 year old student to leave school and not return until he receives a flu shot. The Parents refuse to give their son a flu vaccine because the boy is allergic to one of the components in the shot...eggs.

The boy even has a letter from his pediatrician documenting the egg allergy !!

The boy's current doctor has a CRAZY idea....

He wants to test the vaccine on the boy even though he is allergic to one of it's components !!

Not only is this a terrible idea... It is downright dangerous, unethical, and inhumane.

This dangerous doctor should be stripped of his license if he does this.

Good thing that the boy's parents are intelligent.

New Jersey is the only state in America to make the flu shot mandatory. They do allow for religious
and medical waivers.

If they allow medical waivers and the boy has a documented medical allergy from his pediatrician, then what is the problem?

New Jersey is a tyrannical state. I would never ever live there....and if I did I would move out of their as soon as I could. This is purely disgusting.

The really disturbing thing is that flu shots have been shown to be useless !!
Even the former chief control officer at the FDA said that flu shots are ineffective !!

 So why do public officials push for flu vaccines if they are ineffective?
Ask Bill Gates

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