Friday, January 11, 2013

Flu outbreak irony; People vaccinated are getting Flu

I work in a healthcare facility where we recently had 6 restricted floors due to several residents contracting the flu. The ironic thing is that almost all of these patients were vaccinated about a month before this happened. They were also pressuring all the healthcare workers at my job to get vaccinated and many of them got sick immediately after (one almost went to the emergency room)
and many became sick a few days after. Some sicknesses took the form of upper respiratory infections. Now of course you cant make any definitive links, but this is definitely highly suspicious.

The flu vaccine is the most unscientific thing that I ever heard of in all medical science.
Using last years influenza strains to try to prevent this years mutated strain is like trying to open a lock with the wrong key....It's not going to work !!

In addition to the vaccine not working, people who vaccinate themselves are introducing toxic poisons into their bodies. Aluminum, formaldehyde and even Mercury(one of the most hazardous chemicals known to man !!)

Why would any one in their right mind inject such toxic poisons into their blood stream to prevent
the flu !! Wouldn't this burden your immune system?

check out these articles below

Flu epidemic strikes millions of Americans already vaccinated against the flu

Survey: Vaccinated children five times more prone to disease than unvaccinated children

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