Thursday, November 15, 2012

Energy Drink Deaths In Spotlight While Pharmaceutical Deaths Hidden

Recently Energy Drinks such as "Monster" and "5 Hour Energy" have been in the Media's spotlight because of a few deaths. 13 deaths alleged for "5 Hour Energy" and 5 alleged deaths from "Monster" Energy Drink.  These unfortunate people who died must have had health problems to begin with. If not then maybe some caffeine sensitivity or problem processing it.

Regardless whether the people had health problems to begin with or not, these people are no longer with us.

18 deaths is small compared to how many people vaccines & pharmaceutical drugs kill every year.
About 106,000 deaths per year are associated with medicines taken as directed, yet they dont go after the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.

Could you imagine if an herbal supplement killed 106,000 people?

The manufacturer of that supplement would get the death penalty while producers of Prescription Drugs as well as the  MD's  who prescribed them wont go to jail for killing this many people.

* Just for the record, I am not promoting the consumption of these high caffeinated drinks. I consider caffeine a drug that is highly addicting.

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