Thursday, November 29, 2012

Can't give up cheese? Maybe it's the morphine?

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Yes there is a morphine compound in dairy products called Casomorphine. It is released from the milk protein casein as it is broken down in the digestive tract. Casomorphine has one tenth the strength of morphine. Cheeses have the highest concentrations of it, especially mould cheeses (the stinkier kind such as brie & Rokpol)

It is found in all mamallian breast milk including human. Scientists believe that it is there as a survival mechanism for babies. It ensures that the babies drink the milk by addicting them to it. It is also responsible for the soothing and sedating effect on babies.

Can this be why so many people can not give up cheese?

Although there is Casomorphine in dairy products, there have been no known studies showing it is addictive.

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