Tuesday, April 3, 2012

FDA changes laws of arithmatic. Says 1 million = 1

 Last week over 1 million Americans signed a petition urging the FDA to require labeling of Genetically Modified Food. The FDA is stalling, they said they need more time to think about this issue. What is disturbing is that the FDA is dismissing the 1 million signatures saying that they count them as 394. They said that it doesnt matter how many signatures are gathered on one letter, if it is one letter it counts as one signature. So 1 million signatures will count as 1 person, but through some bizarre way of counting they ended up with the number 394. The FDA doesnt care what over 1 million Americans want. They care to protect the wallets of Big Biotech companies.

Everyone must email the FDA seperately, but we must do something even bigger than that. We must educate ourselves as well as everyone we know about genetically modified food, their dangers, and how to avoid them. Money is power so you have the power to defeat them every time you make an educated food purchase that discludes GMO's.

Start by downloading the NON GMO shopping guide

Wach my Video below

How to avoid GMO Chips


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