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Are your child's vitamins derived from coal, cyanide, and gym chalk?

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Most of the vitamins out on the market are of low grade quality and can do you more harm than good. Where a vitamin comes from will have a great impact on your health. When we give vitamins to our children or take them ourselves our goal is to improve our health not hinder it. You want to avoid low-grade toxic forms. Just because a famous doctor or celebrity endorses them doesn’t mean they are good for you. It would be wise to avoid artificial colors, gummies, and cartoon characters. So called “children’s vitamins” are usually pure junk that are not absorbed well and loaded with toxins.

     The best way to tell if a multivitamin is of low grade quality is to look for the form of Vitamin b12 that they are using. If the bottle says Cyanocobalamin put it back on the shelf. It is the cheapest form of vitamin b12 a company can use. When your body breaks down Cyanocobalamin it releases cyanide (a poison) into the bloodstream. Now your body has to work hard to expel this toxin from the body. When Cobalamin is released it has to be turned into either methylcobalamin or adenosylcobalamin before it can be used in the body. So look for Vitamin b12 as methylcobalamin or adenosylcobalamin. These are the forms your body can use more safely & effectively. If a multivitamin doesn’t specify which form of vitamin b12 it contains it is most likely Cyanocobalamin, so look elsewhere.

     When it comes to Calcium there are many different sources available. If your Multivitamin consists of calcium carbonate you might be pleased to know that you are eating gym chalk. Calcium Carbonate is also one of the hardest forms of calcium to absorb. Elderly populations as well as others that have weak digestion will not be able to absorb this form of calcium well. Other cheap forms of Calcium are dolomite, oyster shell, bone meal and calcium gluconate which is made up of 9% calcium and 91% glucose. These forms of calcium have poor absorption which can lead to problems in the body because the calcium can calcify (harden) and form kidney stones, gallstones, or end up calcifying your arteries.

     Calcium Taurate, microcrystalline hydroxyappetite (MCHC) and Coral Calcium from the ocean are excellent sources of calcium. Taurate is combined with calcium to help relax the nerves. MCHC can easily be absorbed by your bones because it is made up of small pieces of intact bone. There are two types of Coral Calcium, one obtained from coral reefs in the ocean and the other from coral reefs that have been washed up on land. The only one that should be taken is the one that is from the ocean waters. This coral calcium has a natural calcium to magnesium ration of 2:1 as well as other trace minerals. The one from the land usually has a depleted mineral content which vitamin companies have to fortify with cheap synthetic magnesium. You can usually tell it is the land version because the calcium to magnesium ratio will differ from Coral Calcium's natural 2:1 ratio.

     Magnesium oxide is the most common form of magnesium that is used by supplement companies. It is a cheap form of magnesium that can do more harm than good. When magnesium oxide is broken down you need antioxidants to neutralize the oxides that are released. Furthermore the magnesium now needs something to transport it. Magnesium Malate is a better form of magnesium

If the Vitamin E that you are using has a dl-Alpha in front of it, most likely it is derived from Coal tar!! Better forms are D-Alpha Tocopherol and it is better to have a mix of them like beta, gamma, and delta Tocopherol.

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