Monday, August 27, 2012

Are You Messing With Extra Prostitute Olive Oil ?

The next time you go eat at a salad bar, ask them if that is Extra Virgin Olive oil they are using. Most people don’t think about what grade of olive oil is being poured onto their “healthy salad”.

Refined Olive oils such as “Pure Olive oil”, “Olive oil”, “Olive Pomace Oil”, have been chemically extracted with primarily Hexane (a toxic chemical also used in gasoline production), to neutralize strong tastes.

Virgin Olive oils are extracted by mechanical means only and cannot contain chemically extracted olive oil.

You wouldn’t want to eat Chemically treated Olive oil would you?
Especially when you are trying to eat healthy.

Now here is the real Kicker….

Recently many Extra Virgin Olive oil companies have been selling inauthentic Virgin Olive oil !!
To find out if you have authentic  "Extra Virgin Olive oil" and Not "Extra Prostitute Olive Oil" you should make sure that the imported Olive Oil you buy has a IOC Label on it.

I personally prefer to buy Olive Oil from Greece. As far as I know they are mostly authentic.


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