Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stop Eating This Now.....

Stop Eating Foods that contain Sodium nitrite.
Sodium Nitrite is a food additive that is used to preserve deli meats.
It is used on the majority of  Hot Dogs, Bacon, jerky, sausauges, and Coldcuts, giving them a
nice flavor and an appealing reddish Color.  It is very effective in slowing the growth of disease causing microorganisms but unfortunanetly it is toxic to Humans and animals. The government tried to ban Sodium Nitrites in the 70's but the food industry fought back and won.

Sodium Nitrites have been linked to many diffrent cancers.

Here are some studies showing the relationship between Nitrites & Cancer

Long-term exposure to sodium nitrite and risk of esophageal carcinoma: a cohort study for 30 years

Leukemia increases by 700% following the consumption of hot dogs

Despite all these findings they still feed this to children in
school lunch programs !!

Fortunately there are Nitrite Free Deli Meats available.
Look for these is Health Food Stores

I have tried the "Applegate Farms" Brand for cold cuts and hot dogs
and they taste great.

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