Thursday, June 14, 2012

Board of Health Salivates over Banning Food & Drinks

In a meeting with Mayor Bloomberg yesterday Board of Health members were salivating over the idea of restricting New Yorkers food portions. During The meeting Mayor Bloomberg  officially introduced his proposal to ban Sugared drinks over 16 ounces. This ban proposal fueled the thoughts of these control freaks....One doctor said "What about the size of a hamburger or jumbo fries" several others called out "What about Milk shakes and Milk coffee beverages?" "Popcorn?"
At the end of the meeting the Board members all agreed the Soda Ban should proceed to a public hearing on july 24th.
Board member Pamela Brier loved the Ban Proposal and stated "This does not solve all problems, and there's plenty more issues to take up" indicating there is more regulations to come.

As you all know I am a health advocate and promote healhy eating and healthier lifestyles. I however do not promote restricting people's choices. I am a believer in freedom and freedom of choice. Once you start restricting and banning food and drinks,where do you draw the line? Banning  soda sizes is a stupid idea. This will not stop someone who wants to consume a 24 oz soda, it will just encourage him to buy three 8 oz sodas. The better strategy would be to educate the public on what healthy portions should be, and why sugared drinks are bad for your health.  If someone wants to guzzle down a 32 oz soda thats their choice.....not the governments !!

Your not going to tell me what size hamburger I can eat, how many fries I could have or how much salt i can consume...
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