Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fluoride fighting heroes vs the dictators

Brave citizens from Raleigh North Carolina spoke out in opposition to the fluoridation of their drinking water. They brought logic, science, and questions to the table yet they were met with stone wall silence.
No one from the council responded to any of their questions. This shows us all how they dont respect what the people have to say. They are dictators pure and simple. They dont care about scientific facts. They dont want to hear about the health problems associated with fluoride. One of them even said that he drinks it with no concern !!!!!!

It just amazes me how these council men have such authoritative power over the people. They dont care what people want...they will do what ever they want.

Eventually fluoride will be removed world wide. I really hope when it does that we see some of these politicians and fluoride industry executives go to jail for poisoning the citizens against their will

This is the news clip the city council did not want to see

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